Stop attacking. Start attracting!

Most people – myself included – hate being sold to, and hate their precious time being interrupted. And who can blame us! So certain marketing techniques, while effective in some instances, are becoming less and less effective.

Stop “attacking”

“Interruption marketing” is, thankfully, becoming outdated. Technology enables us to block out messages we don’t want to hear. We can fast forward our Sky+ boxes, subscribe to the Telephone Preference Service, use caller ID to screen our calls and set up our email systems to block out the dreaded Spam.

Today, we prefer to be engaged with. Have two-way conversations with people rather than be broadcast to. And the great news is, by doing this, we are far more likely to attract potential customers.

… start attracting!

Of course, there is still a time and a place for tactics such as advertising and direct mail. But before you consider spending hundreds on that yellow pages ad, think about other ways you can actively engage with your target market.
Networking is the answer – whether that be offline (at an organised business network meeting such as 4Networking, or just in day to day life) or online (using the many and varied social media sites that enable two-way dialogue such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, Forums…the list really does go on and on…)

It is this type of marketing that allows your target market to get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you. And this is creating the conditions where people will choose to buy from you, and recommend you to their friends. And this is the very best form of marketing.

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