The Happiness Project

The Happiness ProjectWhat is your goal in life?

It may be to have a country cottage, a city apartment, a chalet in the French Alps. Perhaps a ferrari, or a Harley Davidson. A rolex watch or a wardrobe full of designer clothes. Financial freedom. Health. Love. A family…

Ask 100 people that question, and you may get 100 different replies. But the truth is, if you drill down, the utlimate response is almost always the same.

To be happy.

Try it! Why do you want a ferrari? It’s just something I’ve always wanted. Why have you always wanted one? I love fast cars and owning a ferrari will make me feel like “I’ve made it”. And why is that important to you? Because it would show the work that I am successful. Why does that matter, how would that make you feel? More confident? And what would that mean?

Ultimately, the answer would be “because it would make me happy”. Trust me! Try it.

Happiness is the emotion that most people strive for.

And yet, it is an emotion that sadly seems to elude many people. In my experience, when people are happy, they achieve more, they are kinder, more generous, and generally healthier.

Imagine a world where everyone was happy?

That’s something I do often.

I feel truly blessed that I am fundamentally a happy person and so I created The Happiness Project to help share and spread happiness in a variety of ways:

  1. First of all, in the work I do, I strive to ensure that my clients are happy and have a plan in place to make their customers happier than they were.
  2. Via a series of workshops for young people to help them understand more about happiness and how to achieve it while pursuing their dreams.
  3. Through workplace workshops that help individuals tap into the power of their personal brand in order to improve their happiness and success.
  4. By delivering other community based initiatives, more details of which will be available shortly.
  5. SImply by the way I live!


My vision is that we will live in a world where everyone is the happiest and best they can be. I think that would be a pretty cool place to live.

The Happiness Project will be taking on a life of its own over the coming months, so keep coming back to see the progress. And in the meantime, you can read our Happiness Project blogs for lots of science and tips on being happy!

If you’d like more information about The Happiness Project or have something that can help me achieve my vision, please do get in touch.

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