Twitter – use it like a telephone not a megaphone!

I was chatting away today with a very lovely colleague of mine about the best way to use twitter. In an attempt to illustrate what I was getting at, I said that results come when you use twitter more like a telephone than a megaphone. I instantly liked this (though I say so myself!), as I felt it really summed up what I feel is the secret to twitter success.

Telephone not megaphoneThe vast majority of business use Twitter (other social media platforms are available, and the same applies!) to broadcast their message. When fifty bazillion* businesses are doing that every day, how many of these messages do you think actually get noticed? If you’re answer was anything between none and not many, you’d be absolutely right! There is just too much noise due to too much broadcasting. This is the megaphone” approach”.

Let’s turn our attention on the telephone now. If you call someone, and they pick up, the chances of them listening to you is significantly higher! It’s one on one communication and usually (we hope!) a two way conversation. You have that person’s attention. They listen. They respond. By using social media to have a conversation, rather than to push your message out, you are far more likely to get results, provided of course that conversation doesn’t put the other person off!

Just like with a telephone call, what the conversation consists of will determine how long it will last and what kind of results you get from it. If your conversation starts with a “would you like to buy my stuff?” type line, the chances are the metaphorical receiver will be put down pretty sharpish! But use it to engage with that person on a subject they are interested in, then it’s far more likely that the conversation will lead to a genuine and valuable connection being made.

Go forth and converse! As Bob Hoskins used to say (on behalf of BT!) “It’s good to talk”.


May 10, 2016

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