What type of person has a personal brand?

Answer: The type that exists! Yes, that’s right. In other words … EVERYONE!

Question: What type of person has a personal brand?

Answer: The type that exists! Yes, that’s right. In other words … EVERYONE!

Many people assume that “personal branding” is something that well known (or would-be well known) figures cultivate for themselves in a bid for self promotion. Indeed, some companies offering personal branding services may well focus on this. However, that is certainly not how I see Personal Branding.

Personal Brand by Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, founder of one of the strongest, most successful brands on the planet (Amazon), said, Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

I love this definition as he’s spot on. Whether we choose to manage our brand or not, we have one in the minds of those we connect with – in business and in life.

So we have a choice – to manage it or not to manage it.

Let’s think about where branding first started. The word itself comes from an old Norse word – brandr which means “to burn”, and goes back to the days where producers and farmers would burn a mark into their goods so they could easily be identified. Such marks would help people immediately understand not just who owned them, but also what they could expect in terms of quality and even experience. This practice has simply extended and forms the basis of branding as we know it today.

Looking at a brand or a personal brand, is far more than just looking at a logo, or how we dress. It’s about getting down to the roots – values, vision, purpose. All of these fundamental elements form the core of any brand – personal or otherwise.

Developing your personal brand can help you be far more focused, make better decisions, and properly communicate the value that you provide to your customers.

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