Social Media: The Clue is in the Name

I mentioned last week that I recently spoke at The Warrington Digital Growth Conference. The title of my talk was “Social Media : The Clue is In The Name!”

Social Media - the clue is in the nameThe clue being in the word “social” which basically means two-way interaction. Old school marketing was all based on “broadcast” media. Things like print advertisements, TV and radio ads and such like, are all one-way. They all involve one party sending out their message to the audience without any opportunity for direct interaction. SOCIAL media on the other hand – well it┬áprovides every opportunity for direct interaction! Who’d have thunk that??

During my talk, I explored the word “social” further and found definitions that highlighted words such as …

friend, allied, enjoy spending time with each other, enjoy each others company, happy to be with

I don’t know about you, but I’d love people to think of any of these phrases in relation to my business, wouldn’t you?

So – when thinking about your social media, and what to put out there or how to engage, think about the name. Social Media.

Treat your target market as you would a friend. Become allies with them. Make them enjoy reading your stuff / engaging with you by putting out great content that they want to consume.

This is where the HUGE opportunity lies, because guess what? The vast majority of businesses that use social media focus on what messages they want to broadcast, and then they do just that. Literally, just that. But in a world where we are drowning in broadcast “noise”, the chances of our outbound message being heard (read / watched / whatever) is slimmer than a slim thing. Those people (and businesses) who use social media to engage are the ones who get noticed, heard and interacted with.

So listen to the clue. Use Social Media. But use it to be sociable. ┬áDon’t be so arrogant (or ignorant, as I know people who broadcast on social media are mostly not being arrogant, they just know no better – well until they read this blog that is!) to assume that people will just sit back and listen to you push out messages about how great you are.

Of course being social and engaging takes more time and effort than just distributing content, but I promise you, it will be way more effective.

Go ahead! Try it! Start by saying hello to me out there if you like! I’m listening!

March 31, 2016

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