Whoever named the Bouncy Castle was a genius!

ming vaseI’d like to tell you a story about a man named Joseph. He had been fortunate enough to inherit a priceless Ming vase. Now as most people know, a Ming Vase is a piece of porcelain created during the Ming Dynasty (the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644 – wow what you don’t learn here isn’t worth learning!) and is usually worth significantly more than a vase bought from Ikea. (One was sold at auction in 2011 for a mere £53.1m!)

Anyway, back to Joseph. He had inherited this vase and was yet unsure what to do with it. The only thing he knew he had to do, was keep it incredibly safe where there was no risk of it being damaged. He needed somewhere solid and sturdy on which to store it while he decided what to do with it. To this end, he decided to invest in a Bouncy Castle to keep in his back garden and this was where he chose to store the vase.

His Ming Dynasty vase. On a large, cold air inflated structure which was designed to be bounced upon, causing people (and presumably things) to fall over.

What better place to store an antique piece of porcelain potentially worth millions of pounds? Than a bouncy castle? Well, as it happens, I can think of a fair few better places to be honest!

The chances of him achieving his objectives of keeping the vase safe and in one piece using this method are pretty slim I’d say!

Now, Joseph’s neighbour, Kenneth, also had a Bouncy Castle in his garden. But he had it in there so that when his grandchildren visited (he had six), they could go out and play on it., They would go and bounce all over it, falling over each other and having lots of fun. And Kenneth got great pleasure from watching them. Yes, Kenneth’s Bouncy Castle was a real hit!

Joseph and Kenneth would often chat to each other as they did their gardening and they would chat about their respective Bouncy Castles. Kenneth would rave about what a great thing it was and how he loves to watch it being used and got so much pleasure out of it. It really worked for him. Joseph however would talk of how stressful he found it. That he was constantly worried about it, and the fact that he just could not see it working for him.

So why were they both getting such different things from the same thing? Kenneth was using his Bouncy Castle exactly as it was intended. Joseph was clearly not and yet still expected it to work for him.

The clue is in the name. Bouncy Castle. A cold air inflated structure, often in the shape of a castle, that people (usually children, though not exclusively) can enter and bounce around on. Let’s face it, nobody in their right minds would think that a bouncy castle would be a suitable solid and sturdy platform to put something fragile on.

So why then (here’s the million-dollar question!), do so many businesses use social media as a broadcasting platform? It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason! Social. Two-way interaction.

The vast majority of business view Social Media as a quick and easy way to advertise their wares for free and post promotional posts throughout the week and then wonder why it does not work.

Yes. Still! The GREAT thing is that this provides an enormous opportunity to those of us who choose to use Social Media as it was intended. As a platform for engaging with other people, sharing things that people will find interesting and will want to engage with.

Bouncy Castle – the clue is in the name. Social Media – the clue is in the name.

Don’t be like Joseph. Silly Joseph.

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